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Declaimer : We have never asked to evaluate  PickMeApp tool. All reviews listed bellow are from unbiased reviewers who voluntary reviewed PickMeApp tool and shared their opinion with the community. Thanks to those reviews we have been continually improving  PickMeApp experience.

Unbiased PickMeApp Reviews


Language Date Version Author Opinion Our Comments
Русский 13-Oct-2013 World-X "все будет сделано автоматически" short and clear


Michele Nasi

ddd None
English 24-Feb-2012 Downloadtyphoon Download Typhoon - Editor's Pick None
English 1-Jan-2014 Top 4 Download Top 4 Download - Editor's Pick None
English 13-Oct-2013 Windows7Download Windows 7 Download - Editor's Pick None
English 10-Nov-2013 Freewarepark PickMeAppLight freeware  None    
English 16-Sep-2013 Unbiased Missed to describe  install fresh programs feature
العربية 4-Sep-2013 محمود منير بالتأكيد برنامج ممتاز  
English 16-Sep-2013 Ashish Mundhra
Ashish Mundhra
"accomplishes the tasks" none



English 11-Oct-2013 Softpedia Feature install fresh programs was not explained correctly.
العربية 15-Jan-2013


رغيب أمين

فهو برنامج اكثر من رائع None
Indonesia 18-Jan-2013 ringan ,penggunaan sangat mudah None
English Useful None
Русский 18-Sep-2012
Сергей Петрянкин
???? None
English 20-Sep-2011


Informative Read User Comments
Русский 11-Feb-2011 "проста и удобна" None
Italiano 06-Nov-2011 "incredibilmente facile e veloce" None
English 6-Jun-2012
Mike Williams
???? None
English 05-Feb-2011 ???? None
English 28-Jul-2011
"happy to share" None

Full Malwares and bugs

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Full Malwares and bugs

The 360 Total Security kept rejecting this piece of crap. I eventually had to turn 360 off for it to install. Tried to move one app and failed. I trashed it right away. It is not worth it.

Thank you for sharing your feedback

Joined: 2010-06-27
Thank you for sharing your feedback

Negative feedbacks are even more important for us.
Those feedbacks helps us to focus on real problems

The security alarms were coming from a third party advertisement software integrated with PickMeApp.
Starting from July 1 , 2016 no more advertisement will be shown by PickMeApp.
No more anti virus alarms should come while using PickMeApp.

The last version of  PickMeApp can capture more applications.
Please consider to upgrade to the latest PickMeApp release and to try it on your applications.

Yet we admit that still there are applications which PickMeApp is not able to capture.
Usually those are free and open source applications with frequent upgrades.
People prefer to install a fresh copy of those  applications.

PickMeApp supports fresh unattended, silent installation of many applications
Please check the  PICKMEAPP AS APPLICATION MANAGER  features .